CEILA v Purplebricks

We have been watching with interest CEILA and their issues with ‘Purplebricks’ and false advertising. Having read their letter via a well-known trade publication to Purplebricks, we have to say their argument has a sound basis. A lot of us whinge to ourselves of the claims made by Purplebricks being unfair and are not accurate, of course as a single voice we are not heard. Being independent we do have to suffer the larger corporation’s claims to the nation via the various media they have available, money buys power don’t they say? As our solitary voice cannot be heard we plug on dealing with our clients and delivering a good service with no payment until a signature is made.

We get paid for what we do, not what we do not do. That cannot be said for Purplebricks, they are paid up front and the client can complain at this and that, but he has already paid!! The beauty of your traditional Agent’s payment structure, yes the beauty! Whether its sales or Lettings we are paid on results only. We have delivered what the client set out to achieve and have been paid for that, Purplebricks cannot make the same claim – what’s that old saying?.. Pay cheap, pay twice! Which put us in mind of the below picture as being the epitome of such a scenario.